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The Administration & Production intern has become an essential part of the Third Angel machinery. We established this role in 2015 in response to the fact that there were a growing number of development opportunities for aspiring artists and performers, but very few paid opportunities for the next generation of arts managers to hone their skills. The initiative has been so successful that we are now looking to recruit our fourth intern and we’re keen to hear from anyone in the early stages of their arts management career about how this opportunity could help them achieve their aims.

The Administration & Production Assistant (to give them their proper title) works with our General Manager and Executive Producer on every aspect of running a small touring theatre company, from office management to marketing, from creative learning workshops to tour logistics, and everything in between. You’ll spend most of your time at the company office in Sheffield, but there will also be occasional opportunities to assist in the delivery of workshops, work with the creative team in rehearsal, and visit productions on the road.

We want you to leave us as prepared as possible to fly solo as an administrator or assistant producer, so we’ll agree a training schedule with you to build your skills and anticipate your future needs around business management, fundraising, marketing and project management.

This is what Sarah Webb, our current intern, has to say about the position:

“I’m Sarah, and I’m the lucky individual who was chosen to become Third Angel’s Admin & Production Assistant back in Summer 2017. This blog post would have reached you all sooner, but they’ve kept me busy. I’m the third round of the internship scheme; you might say I’m the ‘Third Angel’ (har har), though I’ve had two stellar predecessors, Liz & Ellie, who set the bar high for me and have moved on to pursue exciting careers.
“I clearly remember writing my application for the post and passionately thanking Third Angel for offering such a valuable and rare opportunity for young professionals to explore arts administration and production within a thriving company – fast forward to my last few months with the team and my thankfulness is through the roof. At the core, Third Angel is a small theatre company with just five employees (I’m the only full-time member of staff), but you wouldn’t guess that by looking at the number of projects we’re working on at any one time. Working in a small team makes for a rich experience and I’ve gained and developed an unbelievable multitude of skills. For those of you looking to find out what a normal day in the office might look like, I hate to burst that balloon, but there’s no such thing. Every day is different, and I am continuously working on new and exciting challenges. The next intern will have a completely different experience to me and that’s what makes this opportunity so exciting.”

There are two changes with this round of the internship, firstly we have extended the length of the post to 18 months to enable the postholder to experience a full annual business cycle and get opportunity to do some tasks more than once. Secondly, we’re currently advertising the post as 4 days per week, but we are actively seeking funding to extend this to full time (35 hours per week). The post is paid at Living Wage Foundation rates.

If you’re considering an application, here’s a few helpful tips to get you started:

  • Remember that we have had over 60 applications on previous occasions, anyone who cannot show that they meet EVERY ONE of the essential criteria is very unlikely to be shortlisted.
  • Make sure you have taken time to tell us HOW you meet each one of the points of the essential criteria, and as many of the desirable criteria you can – give examples. Don’t assume that this will be obvious to us from reading your employment or education history, make it absolutely clear. However, there is no need to write pages and pages – bullet points and concise sentences are much more effective, especially when we have lots of applications to look at.
  • Where we have asked for specific experience, we mean this in the broadest sense, not just employment experience. You could use examples from your hobbies, voluntary work, social life, family or school / college / university to demonstrate that you understand what skills are likely to be needed and have dipped your toe in.
  • Attention to detail is important, as it is our first indication that you have got what it takes to do the job! Use a spell check, make sure you have completed ALL the required forms, follow the instructions to the letter!

The closing date for applications is 2pm on Friday 1st February and interviews will be held on Tuesday 19th February. Unfortunately, we’re unable to be flexible on the interview date so please ensure you would be able to attend on that date. We’re hoping that the new intern would be able to start with us in the last week of March to allow handover whilst Sarah is still with us.

You can download the application pack here. If you have any questions please email us on or if it would be helpful to have an informal chat you can call us on 0114 274 4974 and ask for Laura (our General Manager) or Hilary (Executive Producer).

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Introducing Rhiannon

We thought we’d let our new member of staff get her head around her commute and our filing system before we performed the Big Reveal, but we think we’re all ready now, so without further ado, we’re delighted to announce that our new General Manager is *drum roll* Rhiannon Jones! And here she is, in her own words, saying hi. Over to you, Rhiannon…

Starting Now

Hello. Pleased to meet you. I have read this blog before and now here I am writing a post for it. I’m the new General Manager for Third Angel. So, in my new role, I have been invited to write a guest post so that I can introduce myself. So here I am, in a wordy kinda way saying ‘Hello. Pleased to meet you’ and having one of those moments where you shift slightly awkwardly in your seat and take a deep breath as you have to speak, or in this case write, about yourself!  So here goes…

Photograph: Kelly and Jones, Primary 2017

When Third Angel advertised for a new part-time General Manager to oversee day-to-day operations I thought, yerp, that sounds like me on a good day. I had experience of team management, and could get ‘disproportionately excited by well put together management accounts, can whip art-speak into funder-friendly plain English at the drop of a hat and adore crafting an elegant contractual clause, this is the job for you’ to quote Hilary! Since graduating I have made and exhibited my own work within the arts sector in the UK and overseas, co-founding InDialogue and most recently collaborating with artist Traci Kelly (2015-present). I am an artist in residence at Primary Studios, Nottingham, where I am based. Alongside a career in academia as a visiting lecturer, I have a PhD in Visual Arts entitled The Artistry of Conversation. It focuses on creative design for conversation within arts practice. This was the culmination of six years of working in the arts and the public and private sectors. Now I see this job as general manager as a strategic role that bridges the gap between the arts and business.  To start a new conversation.

Photograph: InDialogue, Nottingham Contemporary 2016. Photo credit: Dani Tagen

But why did I join Third Angel? Well, I have enjoyed seeing their work since my first introduction to their practice as a student at De Montfort University, where I was taught by Rachael Walton on the BA Contemporary Theatre degree back in 2003. As you know, they are a groundbreaking company touring original and dynamic devised work in the UK and internationally, reaching different audiences in different ways. So it is a very exciting prospect to be working alongside Rachael, Alex and Hilary (in her new role as Executive Producer).

Photograph: Kelly and Jones, Primary 2015. Photo credit: Julian Hughes

It is my strong belief that whatever your involvement in the arts, you keep the blood running through the veins of this ever-challenged sector, especially in the light of the results of the general election, the hard or soft negotiations for Brexit that lay ahead and for all of us working in the arts. The current climate comes with its many ‘known unknowns’. But, nevertheless we continue to make the arts thrive with smiles on our faces and a continued love and passion for what we do best.  

Photograph: Kelly and Jones, Primary 2017

So, as I embark on a new journey professionally and look forward to the exciting challenges that lie ahead for me in my role of general manager for Third Angel I’ve made a pact with myself – to support Third Angel so that they can continue to do what they do best – making positive changes to peoples’ lives, as ‘theatre is part of the conversation that helps people to understand their place in the world’ (Third Angel 2017). They make work that matters – telling real stories about real people, focusing on the detail, the hidden beauty of everyday life and I believe now more than ever we need to make every day count.



Photograph:  InDialogue, Nottingham Contemporary 2016. Photo credit: Dani Tagen.

Nearly 5 years ago, when we were writing a hefty funding application and thinking about all the ways we could support the next generation of theatre makers with actual cash, we noticed that while there was a growing number of opportunities for artists (and hurray for that), there weren’t many for those with ambitions to make the work happen. We wondered what we could do about that. And so the Admin & Production Internship was born, and joy of joys, the application was successful, and we’re now about to recruit our third intern. 

Two years on, our motivation for offering this training position remains the same: we want to support those starting out in the industry. It’s something we feel pretty strongly about. We all benefit from the next generation getting the chance to learn, to find their thing. We remember how hard it is to get started, particularly with the ‘can’t get a job without experience/get experience without a job’ catch 22, unless you have the resources to be able to work for free. And a lot of people don’t. And while there are many more opportunities for fledgling producers now (again, hurray) we think we offer something a little different.

It’s a 12 month paid post, working primarily with the General Manager and Executive Producer. The job pack and application form can be downloaded here. Closing date is 2pm on Monday 12 June and we hope to be interviewing in the week of the 10 July, with the successful candidate starting with us mid-September.

A couple of things that we learnt from the last two years that might be useful:

- We don’t set word limits, but please bear in mind that we had over 60 applications in both years and at least half of them were very strong. Don’t make us hunt for evidence of your brilliance. We appreciate elegant prose, but sometimes bullet points do the job better.

- If you say you have an excellent eye for detail, it’s a good idea to use spellcheck at the very least. 

- If your experience or ambition is primarily as a performer, maker or artist, you need to a) be really honest with yourself about how you’re going to feel being at a desk for a year and b) persuade us that you’ve really thought about that.

If you have any questions, please give me a call on 0114 201 3876 or email me. And please do share far and wide. I’m looking forward, again, to seeing what ambitious things you all want to do.

Oh, and before you apply, it might be a good idea to check this earlier blog post, in which I get a bit ranty about sloppy emails. The principles are the same for this process too.

Friday, 31 March 2017

We’re hiring, come and join us!

Third Angel is 21 years old, headed up by the two founding Artistic Directors: Alexander Kelly and Rachael Walton. Over the years the company has been variously part-time, full-time, full-time but run by part-time staff, unfunded, project funded and regularly funded, and our pool of creative and administrative collaborators has grown and shifted with our repertoire. 

As our programme has expanded, particularly in the last two years, we’ve realised that the company has outgrown its management structure, and so we’re making some changes. We’ve created a new post of Executive Producer, that I’ll be stepping into, and redefined the General Manager’s role. And that’s who we’re looking for: a new part-time General Manager to oversee day-to-day operations, work closely with the Artistic Directors on strategic planning, drive business development and deliver strong financial management.

If you’re organised, have experience of company or team management, are disproportionately excited by well put together management accounts, can whip art-speak into funder-friendly plain English at the drop of a hat and adore crafting an elegant contractual clause, this is the job for you. 

You can find the job pack and application form here (no CVs please unless they’re supporting the application form) and if you have any questions about the company or the role, you can email me - Hilary - or call on 0114 201 3875. 

If you cannot find the content you are looking for please visit our archived website or blog.