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Creative Learning

Future Makers & Arts Award


Running in the school holidays throughout the year, Future Makers is a series of practical, free workshops exploring careers in the theatre and film industry.

Future Makers is open to anyone who:
- Is aged 14-19
- Lives in Sheffield
- Is interested in theatre and/or film.

Each full day workshop focuses on one area of the industry. The workshops are run by industry professionals and give an insight into life as a professional film or theatre-maker and a hands-on taster of the skills you’ll need to take your first steps. They will demystify the jargon, have a strong practical element to offer a taster of what the future might hold, and provide advice on all the various pathways into the profession.

Click here to apply or for more information contact Sarah on or call 0114 272 4974.

All the workshops are free:

Wednesday 1 November 2017:
Theatre Design & Art Direction for Film
Theatre Designers and Art Directors create the visual world you see in front of you on the screen or stage. You’ll get a chance to experience the different stages of designing a piece for theatre or film.

Using a theatre or film script as your stimulus we’ll create mood boards and sketch models, you’ll learn how to draw to scale, have a look at model boxes, explore costume design and transform everyday items into horror film props.

Tuesday 20 February 2018:
Acting: From Auditions to Agents
Acting may seem an exciting and glamorous career choice– but it can feel a little intimidating to get your foot in the door. In this workshop you’ll work with a professional actor to practice your acting skills and your audition technique.

As well as having a go at performing, we’ll also talk you through the basics of getting started in the industry. You’ll find out all about headshots, how to find castings, and how to approach agents.

Wednesday 21 February 2018:
Writing for Film & TV
If you’ve got a passion for writing, or an idea that you want to take further, then this is the workshop for you. In Writing for Film & TV you’ll learn all about writing for screen and how to take an idea and put it onto paper.

You’ll try out different writing exercises to get you going, discover the importance of structuring your writing, practice how to write a treatment, and find out about opportunities for young writers in Sheffield.

Wednesday 4 April 2018:
Adventures in Sound
Know the difference between mono and stereo? Ever heard of foley? Want to find out what ADR and SFX are? In both theatre and film, sound is a crucial part of telling the story. In this workshop we’ll demystify the jargon and you’ll learn all of the creative ways that sound is created behind the camera.

You’ll have a go at designing and creating a soundtrack for a short film, learn how to record good quality dialogue and discover how sound design can manipulate an atmosphere and build suspense.

Thursday 5 April 2018:
Telling Your Story: Starting points for making your own theatre
Find out how to create your own work with Co-Artistic Director of Third Angel, Rachael Walton. You’ll learn how to take the simplest idea or seemingly everyday story and use that spark to create a piece of theatre.

You’ll learn some of the various exercises and techniques that Third Angel use in the rehearsal room. You’ll use acting games and storytelling exercises to generate small ideas that can become fully-fledged performances.

Wednesday 30 May 2018:
The Magic of Make-Up and Special Effects
In both theatre and film, make up and prosthetics are used to transform actors. You can create fearsome beasts, revolting wounds or just subtle additions to the face that help create a character.

In this workshop the magic of make-up and prosthetics will be revealed, you’ll have a go at sculpting, molding and applying prosthetics to create convincing wounds and creatures fit for the stage or screen.

Tuesday 7 August 2018:
Behind the Camera
From camera operator to director of photography – there are many creative careers working behind the camera. This workshop will give you an overview of what these roles entail and give you the basic skills to get started.

You’ll find out about all the things to consider when setting up a shot, you’ll learn about different framing techniques, how to choose the right lens, different camera angles and have a go at shooting your own scene.

Wednesday 8 August 2018:
Editing and Post-production
When the final scene is shot, the process is far from over. In Editing and Post-production, you’ll learn how an editor takes all of the footage, and pulls it together to create the finished product.

You’ll learn how to pick and choose the best shots and all the things you need to consider when doing so; sound, pacing, music, performances and much more. You’ll re-imagine the footage you’re given, selecting shots and combining them into sequences, to create your finished product.

*The above content is correct at the time of publishing on the Third Angel website, however the programme and content of workshops may be subject to change. As industry professionals are running these workshops, workshop leaders, and therefore workshop content, may change due to professional commitments.

Third Angel is proud to be able to offer Arts Award

We are both an Arts Award Supporter and Centre.

As a supporter we can help with the artist sections of the Awards offering interviews and work placements.

We currently offer Bronze Arts Award through our Future Makers Programme and next year there will be the opportunity to gain Silver Arts Award with us through our show Inherited Cities.

If you would like to know more please contact Rachael Walton.


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