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Third Angel presents

Inspiration Exchange

Where do ideas come from? And more importantly, which ones stick around and turn into something? What are the ideas, objects, phrases, images, texts or thoughts that have inspired you in the past or continue to inspire you?


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The Story of the Day
Generating Conversation

Over the duration of the Exchange, we swap a personal catalogue of inspiration for an eclectic, multi-contributor library of ideas, incidents and events. Inspiration Exchange shifts in duration and format, popping up at festivals and conferences, in cafes, foyers and little side rooms in theatres, museums, galleries…anywhere there are people and ideas.

Performed at a table, with about 6 or 8 audience chairs around it. The conversational part of the performance – for one or more audience members at a time - lasts up to 7 hours, with a ‘summing up’ story-telling performance for the last 15-20 minutes.

  • Devised and presented by Alexander Kelly.

If you would like us to bring an Inspiration Exchange to your event, then please get in touch.

Originally created for “Sing to me, Muse”, Cafe Scientifique, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. Subsequently presented at Leeds City Museum (for Compass Live Art), the SAGE Gateshead (for GIFT), Edgelands/Forest Fringe, PSi#18 at University of Leeds, TEDxYork, Live Collision, Greenbelt, Hillsfest, WROUGHT Festival and others.

Multi-performer version presented at Forest Fringe with Andy Field, Laura McDermott, Deborah Pearson and James Stenhouse.

Touring Archive

25 Mar 2017, 12:00
ReRooted Weekend, Humber Street Gallery, Hull


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