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Nearly 5 years ago, when we were writing a hefty funding application and thinking about all the ways we could support the next generation of theatre makers with actual cash, we noticed that while there was a growing number of opportunities for artists (and hurray for that), there weren’t many for those with ambitions to make the work happen. We wondered what we could do about that. And so the Admin & Production Internship was born, and joy of joys, the application was successful, and we’re now about to recruit our third intern. 

Two years on, our motivation for offering this training position remains the same: we want to support those starting out in the industry. It’s something we feel pretty strongly about. We all benefit from the next generation getting the chance to learn, to find their thing. We remember how hard it is to get started, particularly with the ‘can’t get a job without experience/get experience without a job’ catch 22, unless you have the resources to be able to work for free. And a lot of people don’t. And while there are many more opportunities for fledgling producers now (again, hurray) we think we offer something a little different.

It’s a 12 month paid post, working primarily with the General Manager and Executive Producer. The job pack and application form can be downloaded here. Closing date is 2pm on Monday 12 June and we hope to be interviewing in the week of the 10 July, with the successful candidate starting with us mid-September.

A couple of things that we learnt from the last two years that might be useful:

- We don’t set word limits, but please bear in mind that we had over 60 applications in both years and at least half of them were very strong. Don’t make us hunt for evidence of your brilliance. We appreciate elegant prose, but sometimes bullet points do the job better.

- If you say you have an excellent eye for detail, it’s a good idea to use spellcheck at the very least. 

- If your experience or ambition is primarily as a performer, maker or artist, you need to a) be really honest with yourself about how you’re going to feel being at a desk for a year and b) persuade us that you’ve really thought about that.

If you have any questions, please give me a call on 0114 201 3876 or email me. And please do share far and wide. I’m looking forward, again, to seeing what ambitious things you all want to do.

Oh, and before you apply, it might be a good idea to check this earlier blog post, in which I get a bit ranty about sloppy emails. The principles are the same for this process too.


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