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Friday, 5 June 2020

Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We are shocked and saddened by the violence against Black people that is prevalent in the UK, the USA, and across the world. We recognise that racism is systemic in our world, and white privilege is embedded in our sector and our society.

We hope that we use our platform to support Black artists through mentoring and collaboration. We have been fortunate to benefit and learn from their talent and creativity over many years. We recognise, too, that we can learn more and do more. We pledge to continue to support and employ Black and Brown artists and to amplify their voices.

This week there have been many excellent lists published of anti-racist resources to help educate ourselves, books by Black and Brown authors and links to support funds to contribute to. Here are just two of them:

Ibrahim X. Kendi in The New York Times

Sheffield Creative Guild

We are a theatre company. We encourage you to engage with the work of Black and Brown theatre makers, to listen to their stories. These are just a few of the artists and companies making important, moving and thrilling work:

Selina Thompson

Jamal Harewood

Yolanda Mercy

Pauline Mayers

Umar Butt

Nadia Emam

Utopia Theatre

Jamal Gerald

Zodwa Nyoni

Eclipse Theatre

Inua Ellams


Season Butler

Nouveau Riche

John Rwothomack

Tribe Arts

Although there is no live performance happening in theatres at the moment, many of these artists and companies have work to watch online, plays and books to buy and read, and other ways of supporting them on their websites.

Third Angel


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