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Thursday, 4 August 2022

Liliya Signing Off

As Future Makers S7 (2021-22) draws to a close with the end of term, so does Liliya’s time with us. Back in October we were very happy to welcome her into the newly created role of Trainee Community Producer, which was made possible by the government’s Kickstart Scheme. When this finished after six months we offered her a freelance part-time contract, so she could see through the projects she was involved in.
It’s been great having her as part of our Third Angel family and we will be sad to see her go. We’ll miss her fabulously bright trousers, explosive and catching laugh, enthusiasm, and especially her weekly video diaries (all of which have now been compiled into two longer videos - see bottom of this post!)
We’ll still be at the end of the phone, emailing news of jobs and following her future travels.
So over to Liliya as she reflects on her time with us and lets you know what’s coming next.

Rachael Walton, Co-Artistic Director & CEO

A professional headshot of Liliya

Oh me, oh my!

As much as everyone in the office has been talking about and planning a leaving social in July over the last few months, it still feels surreal to be writing my leaving post for Third Angel. Looking back at my introductory blog post it feels like I’m reading into somebody else’s mind entirely. Now, nine months on, I feel more like myself than I have in quite some time: more open, more grounded and more confident in myself. I can undoubtedly say that being a part of the Third Angel team has played a turning point in how I witness my own capacity and capability, and the value I have as a human being, let alone in a professional or creative setting.

Liliya performing on stage, looking off to the distance

There have been many moments during my time as a Trainee Community Producer which have been full of illumination, joy, and heart-warmth both inside and out of the office:

- I can’t miss out the final performance of the Future Makers participants (just how much energy they all brought to that show!) and all the feedback from friends and family expressing their gratitude for the opportunity we worked to facilitate for the young people was especially tear-jerking. 

- I’ve found our collaborations with Side by Side especially moving, and profound, and mind-opening in how I make space for, lead and create with others. I’m hoping to continue my relationship with Johanna and the group after my time with Third Angel ends!

A feedback form written in blue ink: I really love our Third Angel drama club. So encouraging. We share feelings, emotions, performance together. We have fun together. We are shining our life. Keep happy. Smiling face. Kisses. Autumn 2021. 

- I will be endlessly grateful for all the encouragement and mindful reminders/perspective shifts I was given (I’m sure Rachael alone can attest to a ridiculous number of times she’s had to stop me from being too self-critical of my Video Diaries). 

An accidental selfie of Liliya in the office, frowning 

As I wrote in my intro blog post, I came into this position holding very high standards over myself, which I’ve had to address and begin to soften during my time with Third Angel. Then there was the disruption that Covid brought in the winter, where I had a steep learning curve of how to work from home which proved to be more challenging and stress-inducing than I had thought. Most recently, after extending my position by three months I’ve had to quickly adjust and learn what it means to be a freelancer: from managing my workload and working to flexible hours, to how to invoice! So it’s definitely not been a smooth ride, but I’m happy I learned so much about myself through the work I’ve done along the way. 

Flash cards of words in different languages laid out on the floor

Even with these difficulties and through some personally emotional points in my placement, the team was overwhelmingly understanding, supportive and flexible. All the shared snacks (i.e. delicious and suspiciously addictive vegan cupcakes), teas-and perhaps a few too many coffees-brewed, and wisdoms shared in car rides or spoken over laptops throughout the past few months have filled me with so much warmth. The relationships I have made with each member of staff over my time have been very precious to me, and I know I’ll look back on my time with Third Angel with love and gratitude.

Of course, I’ll miss everyone in the team and [insert any other leaving cliché saying here]. Luckily, I don’t get to say farewell permanently yet, as I’ve become an observer of the board for a year to help me get to grips with how a board of a company functions before I move to Australia next year! I’m excited to hear how the company grows, and how their ideas become incredible projects and to still see familiar faces from a more distanced role over the next glimpse of time.

It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you very soon, 


Liliya sat on a very small chair, surrounded by confetti

Lililya’s Diary Compilation Part 1

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