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BOOST Mentoring

What Is It?
The BOOST scheme (originally known as TAMS) ran from 2015 - 2020. We offered a week’s rehearsal space in Sheffield theatres, a fee, and mentoring support from our Artistic Directors Alexander Kelly and/or Rachael Walton, for up to four artists or companies each year. The scheme has been on hold since 2020 due to the pandemic. We’re currently re-thinking our mentoring offer and what that will look like post-pandemic. You can read more about our other Mentoring here.

Who is it for?
Professional artists and theatre makers at any stage of their career.

When Does It Happen?
It varies from year to year, but usually split between autumn and spring.

When Can I Apply?
It varies from year to year. If you would like more information about what comes after BOOST then check back here or sign up to our Email list to definitely hear about it.

What Does It Cost?
We pay you a fee (the same whether you are a solo artist or company), but you will need to cover some of your travel and accommodation costs if you’re not based in Sheffield.

What Is It? 
A free 2-day workshop, led by Third Angel’s Exec Producer Hilary Foster, aimed at artists and companies who are, or need to be, producing their own work.

Who is it for?
Professional artists and companies at any stage of their career.

When Does It Happen? 
Usually October.

When Can I Apply?
It varies from year to year. If you would like more information about what comes after BOOST then check back here or sign up to our Email list to definitely hear about it.

What Does It Cost?
It is free, but you will need to cover the cost of your travel if you’re not based in Sheffield.

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Running since 2015, BOOST is our paid mentoring scheme, produced in collaboration with Sheffield Theatres. Each year put out a call for applications (around May or June) - offering mentoring support for particular projects  or shows, or production mentoring for companies, collaborations and solo artists.

The scheme offers two strands:

BOOST Your Artistic Practice
Time to experiment, reflect and develop your ideas and work.
> 21 hours of support from one, or a combination of, Third Angel Artistic Directors Alexander Kelly and Rachael Walton.
> A week’s rehearsal & mentoring space at Sheffield Theatres, in The Crucible or Lyceum Theatre rehearsal rooms (each year we have four specific weeks that we advertise).
> A fee (In 2019/20 this was £470 for the week’s residency)

BOOST Your Producing 
When we launched our mentoring scheme we discovered many artists wanted production, business and career-focused mentoring as well as artistic support. So we created this two day free workshop in which we cover as many areas of interest as we can fit in. Led by Third Angel’s Exec Producer Hilary Foster, this is aimed at those who are producing their own work and would like some support from a company that does the same. 

We actively encourage applications from artists/companies who come from a marginalised background, who identify as D/deaf or disabled, who feel their practice is restricted by a low income or who have never received grant funding before. We welcome responses to the application form in alternative submission forms such as video, audio and handwritten letter.

The Outbound Project

“I think the artistic mentorship and holistic approach is a rare thing to find, the support and facilities were definitely at a standard which we have not come across previously. We had a fantastic week and really appreciate Third Angel working with a company of our size and working so hard to help bring such a company to Sheffield. We are eternally grateful and wish to keep in touch for years to come!” Chris Yarnell, The Outbound Project

Yolanda Mercy

“It was such an inspiring week. I feel so honoured to be on the list of artists selected for [BOOST] in 2016. Under the guidance, support and expertise of the team I was able to spend dedicated time crafting out a play which I am really excited about sharing with the world. I hope to continue my relationship with Third Angel, because this scheme has really shaped my practice as an artist.” Yolanda Mercy

Luca Rutherford

“Inspiring, motivating, empowering: these are the words I have to describe working with Third Angel as their mentee for the week this October. I spent time with Alex, Rachael and Hilary which enabled me to focus on my strategic as well as artistic development. I have been making theatre for two years and although my debut show was a success I have struggled in my confidence to identify as an artist making work. Alex, Rachael and Hilary created an environment of generosity, encouragement and trust which left me feeling valued and full of possibilities. Since our week together I have been the most proactive I have ever been, that has brought about, currently, only brilliant outcomes. TAMS is unique because it is a truly a bespoke learning opportunity for each mentee. It is a rare privilege to be paid to learn, especially when you get to decide what your learning is. In this current political and economic climate we need as many spaces of nurture and exploration possible. An arts culture without schemes like TAMS is one with less hope.” Luca Rutherford

Outside of the scheme outlined above, we offer a range of other mentoring support, for both emerging and mid-career artists. Read more here.


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