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Oberon Modern Plays

The Department Of Distractions

The Department Of Distractions

Text by Alexander Kelly, developed with the cast, and additional text by Stacey Sampson

Introductory price £7 + postage (RRP £10)

The Department of Distractions, an organisation so clandestine you won’t have heard of them. Until now.

They say their job is to plant stories in the world ‘to make life more interesting.’ Others would argue that their job is as much to stop us looking in certain directions. But a story they started has got out of hand, they’ve lost control of it, and now they’re in danger of being exposed. How far will they go to maintain their anonymity? 

A co-production with Northern Stage that premiered in 2018, this is the revised version of The Department Of Distractions that opened at Sheffield Theatres in 2019 and toured in 2019-20. 


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