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A selection of buff envelopes with numbers stamped, pale green card and white booklets arranged, with a black pouch closed with a small brass padlock

Do you have what it takes to be a Distraction Agent?

NOW SOLD OUT! The Distraction Agents

A Challenge, A Game, An Experience To Be Enjoyed From Home


What people are saying about playing The Distraction Agents

“Thought-provoking, fun, unusual, addictive… there’s so much in here to enjoy and experience… we really enjoyed the combination of an immersive story and interactive elements, all packaged up physically and visually in the most delightful way. Bravo!”
“We REALLY enjoyed the whole thing. It was lovely to have something to do that used our brains AND was fun.”
“Great mix of puzzles; the package and materials were very appealing and really enjoyable to interact with.”
“…a proper interactive experience that is accessible, fun to immerse yourself in and innovative. It is something you can do on your own but is much more enjoyable with other people. It’s a game. It’s a show. It takes as long as you want to commit to it and there are some moments of interaction that makes the entire project sparkle.”
“Fun, different experience, amusing, interesting, playful, thought provoking, changed the way we look at things”

“I loved it - pure escapism, focus and classic problem solving that truly distracted me from the stress and anxiety of the outside world!”
You caught our attention. You are special. 
We’re looking for people who see the world in a slightly different way. People who notice things others don’t. And we think that might be you. We just need to, well, get to know you a little bit better. See where your strengths lie. You could be a great asset to us. And we could change your life.

The Department of Distractions, a clandestine organisation that claims its job is to plant stories in the world “to make life more interesting”, is on the search for new recruits… and they think YOU might be just what they need.

What do you think? Could you be a Distraction Agent..?

The Distraction Agents is a game, a challenge, a puzzle and a story in a box. 

Receive your package through the post, your instructions via email and online films, and let the Agents guide you through the challenges, tackle the tasks and reveal the code to unlock your prize! 

So how does it work?

Your challenge pack will arrive in the post, and The Department Of Distractions will contact you via email once your box has worked its way through the postal system. If no email arrives, do check your spam folder in case your provider flags it as suspicious (and they wouldn’t be completely wrong about this). 

The challenge pack contains a series of beautifully crafted tasks, and a record card to personalise and keep track of your findings. Complete the tasks correctly, and you’ll discover the code to unlock the padlock. What’s inside? Well, you’ll have to play to find out…

The email contains your exclusive link to online videos that provide intel from experienced Distraction Agents. They’ll guide you through the challenges, offer (mostly) friendly advice, and encourage you to stretch yourselves a little. 

The tasks require logic, creativity, imagination, and problem solving skills. Some are puzzles with definitive answers; some are more flexible. Some of them may change the way you think about the world around you. There is no time limit to complete the experience, and it can be played alone or with others. You can enjoy it at home, or choose to extend it into the world beyond. 

There are only a limited number of boxes, so get yours early to avoid disappointment! We hate to disappoint people…


  • You will need to provide your email address and postal address to take part
  • You will need a device with internet access, to receive email and watch the videos
  • We recommend one box per player, but multiple people can play with one box
  • The experience costs £15 per box, plus £3 UK postage (international shipping is variable depending on the destination)
  • If you want to buy The Distraction Agents as a gift, the box will be despatched with an additional envelope that contains instructions for your giftee to register to receive their instruction email. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE ADDRESS YOU WOULD LIKE THE BOX SENT TO! So your giftee’s postal address if you’d like it to be sent to them directly, or your own if you’re going to wrap and deliver it yourself. 
  • Most players report spending 2-3 hours with The Distraction Agents, though a some invest a lot more time in the extension tasks
  • Boxes are usually despatched on Wednesdays, second class, so allow 5-10 days after you order for it to arrive.
  • Recommended for ages 14+. The Distractions Agents contains many stories, most of which are family friendly, but a few make reference to drugs, crime and violence, so carers may wish to read ahead to check suitability for younger players


“…This experience is top quality. The videos were all of a high production value and starred actors who felt compelling in their delivery of their story. Everything in the package was also quality, and the reward for completing the experience was a nice little keepsake…”

“Imaginative. Resourceful. Tenacious. The way she smiled made me believe those things of myself….But this wasn’t just a puzzle, it was a story…”
“We could tell you all about Distraction Agents but we’d probably then have to have you killed. Suffice to say, this is a very well put together escape room-style puzzle game…”

Thanks and Acknowledgements

With thanks and gratitude to our playtesters: Frances Babbage, Cissie Barclay-Green, sean burn, Inigo Chrisp, Rob Fellman, Red Foster-Kelly, John Green, Louise Green, The Holmes Family, John Hunter, Laura Jeffery, Ivy Jeffery, Olive Jeffery, Lora Krasteva, Laura Lindsay, Jess O’Neill, Jim McDonnell, Julie Mitchell, Rachel Perry, Tom Robbins, Barry Ryan, Sarah Sharp, Moe Shoji, Kirsty Surgey, and the Third Angel Future Forum: Jessica Bellamy, Emily Dawson-Masterson, Daisy Hall, Ada Urbaniak, Katie Whitham & Arthur Woodward.

The Distraction Agents is supported by Arts Council England through our funding as a National Portfolio Organisation.

​Creative Team

Devised & written by the Company

Performed by:   
PALADIN: Umar Butt
LOCKHART: Nick Chambers 
DAPHNE: Stacey Sampson
FREYA: Rachael Walton

Conceived by Alexander Kelly & Rachael Walton
Films Directed by Brett Chapman & Rachael Walton
Dramaturgy by Stacey Sampson
Camera, sound & edit by Brett Chapman
Art Direction by Bethany Wells
Stage Manager & Covid-19 Officer Louise Gregory
Published Objects designed by Alexander Kelly, Rachael Walton & Bethany Wells
Sound Consultancy by Heather Fenoughty
Publicity Design by Wayne Gamble
Stills by Brett Chapman and the Third Angel team

Executive Producer: Hilary Foster 
Executive Director: Laura Holmes
Projects & Communications Co-ordinator: Jonathan Fry
Administrator: Samantha Turner
Digital Marketing Manager: Helen Varley
Digital Consultant: Holly Close
Additional PR: Michelle Thomas

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