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Third Angel presents


Out on the street, armed with clipboards and marker pens, offering compliments to the public as they pass us by. Later, in the theatre, we report on our experience.

Devised and Performed by 
Russell Armstrong
Alexander Kelly
Gillian Lees

Directed by
Rachael Walton

From an idea by
Claire Hind

A work in progress presented as part of Sheffield Theatres’ Pyramid Project, with Unlimited Theatre and Dead Earnest.

We had tried this as a workshop exercise with students in Lisbon, which had proved really exciting, so we revisited it in Sheffield. The single performance went really well - and prompted a great and heated discussion with/amongst the audience. Although the public were brilliant with us whilst we were out clipboarding and giving compliments, and several people from that audience of sixty people asked us later when we were going to tour the show, it never made it to the top of our priority list again. We always meant to write about it… maybe one day.

We also presented a selection of film and video pieces and the solo performance Best Laid Plans that went on to become Presumption.

There's lots more information about making and touring Third Angel projects 2008-2017 on our original blog, and 2017-2023 on the blog on this site.