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Third Angel & TiG7 present

Homo Ludens

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There are a number articles about the making of Homo Ludens on the old Third Angel blog, here.

You can watch a short documentary (in English and German) about Homo Ludens on the site here.

Beginning with a game of Snakes and Ladders in a games cafe in the theatre foyer, audience members are taken on an intimate, personal journey through the life of one person, and one invention; a journey across a giant 10x10 gameboard, dictated by their own rolls of the dice. They then join the other players at a gaming table, where the performers explore ideas of playfulness and invention with typically dark humour.

‘This tightrope walk of the private and the public space is something that Third Angel are used to exploring in an absolutely accurate manner in their productions. As a result, every audience member gets their own authentic performance’

Die Rheinpfalz

HOMO LUDENS premiered at TiG7, Mannheim
as part of Schillertage and Schwindelfrei 2009

Devised and written by the company
Inspired by Letters Upon the Aesthetic Education of Man by Friedrich Schiller

Performed by: Rita Böhmer, Daniela Cohrs, Lucy Ellinson, Martina Heubel, Einhart Klucke, Martin Kornmeier, Jellena Lugert, Alexander O. Miller, Julia Ruetzel, Stefanie Rapp, Natascha Slominski

Games Waiters: Tobias Grauheding, Tobias Hannemann, Christian Lidy, Pascal Wieandt, Nils Witte

Lighting and Sound: James Bogner
Set Construction: Hubertus Seelhorst
Scene Painters: Katja Angerbauer & Stefan Schneider

Research texts by Chris Thorpe
Co-directed by Lucy Ellinson
Directed and designed by Alexander Kelly

Third Angel management: Hilary Foster
TiG7 Creative Director: Maike Lex
TiG7 Organisation: Christine Seikel

HOMO LUDENS is produced within SCHWINDELFREI 2009
Kindly supported by John Deere & Sheffield Theatres

Das Theaterhaus TiG7 wird unterstutzt vom Kulturamt der Stadt Mannheim und dem Ministerium fur Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Wurttemberg.

Photographs by Nina Urban

Programme Notes

Third Angel were invited by TiG7 to work with their ensemble to make a show inspired by Friedrich Schiller’s idea of the ‘playful human’, as explained in his Letters Upon the Aesthetic Education of Man, for the 2009 Schillertage and Schwindelfrei festivals in Mannheim. 

Reading Schiller’s Letters, there were immediate connections with some of our current and recent concerns: inventions and inventiveness; trying to see human beings at their best; our relationship with objects, and the memories and emotions we attach to them and the ideas they can represent; the beauty to be found in those objects, along with everyday situations and experiences, rather than those things that the media and advertising (and other aspects of Western society?) tell us are the beauty to be most valued; playfulness and game playing - in a co-operative, rather than competitive, way.

We were interested in creating an audience experience that is unusual but not intimidating, with the feel of an informal conversation. A piece of work that is at once a game and a performance. A piece in which all the material is prepared, known, rehearsed, but in which, through decisions made and rolls of the dice, is a different experience for every audience member. We set about making a work that deals with the future, and with the finite reality of our lifespans. We talked about work that deals with getting old, but is of interest to the young.



“An incredible, enchanting, animated experience, very unusual and a fresh new approach. And it is just great fun!” Sabine Schirra, Leiterin Kulturamt Mannheim (Head of Culture, Mannheim City Council)

“What a delightful piece of spoken art. I definitely recommend going there - fresh, insightful, a tad philosophical… Go, See, Now!” Audience member (commenting on Facebook)

“Schiller would have loved it, because of all the games people play, isn’t conversation the most important?” Mannheimer Morgen


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