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Third Angel and Teatro Praga present

Off The White

They sit in these places, on these structures for sitting on, and they think about their bodies. It is inevitable that sometimes they won’t be able to get comfortable. 

They let their minds listen to what their bodies are telling them, and they understand what is wrong with them.

Devised, Written & Performed by
Paula Diogo & Alexander Kelly

Video (Lisboa): Màrio Costa
Video (Sheffield): Christopher Hall
Lighting Design: Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
Third Angel Management: Tracey Doxey
Production, Teatro Praga: Pedro Pires
A Co-production of: Teatro Praga, Culturgest, Espaço Do Tempo. Also performed at CAPa, Faro.

A performance exploring the world of Benchers - people from all over Europe who deliberately spend time on solo, or ‘lonely’, benches, studying the view and watching the people who pass them by.
A collaboration with Teatro Praga, Lisbon, Portugal. One of three theatrical duets that make up “Shall We Dance IV”, part of an ongoing project in which individual members of Teatro Praga invite individual members of other companies to collaborate with them.

Programme Notes

Off The White

The white board was the highest of the three high diving boards in Walsall Gala Baths in the 1980s; they had been painted red white and blue in 1977 - Jubilee Year.
The white board was so high you needed to get permission to dive off it. And you had to dive - you were not allowed to jump. Sometimes though, it was hard to resist. Jumping was just more fun, just to get that feeling in your stomach.
Off The White

A theatrical blind date. A long correspondence by email and by phone. A few meals and meetings. The beginnings of a shared language. We have an interest in benches, an idea that they are gaps in time and space; pauses. We have friendship.
Off The White

We hold hands. And we jump.

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