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Third Angel

The Film Room

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On this page you will find all of our work that is free to watch online. Documentation of shows. Original short films. Performances for camera. Video work inspired by previous shows.Documentary videos. Collaborations with and contributions from other companies and artists. We are happy to make all of this work available online for free; however, if you are able to make a donation to support us making more work, please use the link to the left. Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy the work.


Third Angel & mala voadora present
A co-production with Sheffield Theatres, Teatro Maria Matos
In association with PAZZ Festival and Worldmapper.

Full length performance documentation, 70 minutes. Northern Stage at St Stephens, Edinburgh Fringe 2012, in collaboration with The Space.

For full credits and programme notes visit the main What I Heard About the World page.


Age guidance: 12+ (strong language and discussion and representation of violence)

To celebrate the publication of the text for What I Heard About the World (along with Presumption and Where From Here) in our new collection There’s A Room, we are pleased to make the full length documentation of the show available again for free.

To buy the script go here.


Short film, 2017
Written & performed by Alexander Kelly
Animation & Sound Design by Adam York Gregory
Sound Recording by Heather Fenoughty

A man came to fix Alex’s phone, and he documented it on Twitter as the work took all day. Alex posted the collected tweets on Storify, and when Adam read it he offered to make a film of it. We were in the studio doing some R&D on some other projects with Heather not long afterwards and she recorded the text for us.



Short documentary by Joseph Priestly about The Desire Paths: Sheffield, presented in Tudor Square in Sheffield as part of Making Ways and Fun Palaces 2016.

Commissioned by 
Sheffield Year of Making 2016

Presented with, and supported by, Sheffield Theatres
as part of Fun Palaces 2016

The Desire Paths formed part of Making Ways, a Sheffield Culture Consortium project supported through Arts Council England.

Full credits on The Desire Paths page.


The Small Celebrations: Third Angel

Chris Lowe
Jake Richardson
Matt Tingle

Darryl Peat

Christopher Hall

Written and Performed by
Rachael Walton
Alexander Kelly

General Manager
Hilary Foster

Admin and Production Assistant
Elizabeth Johnson


POPCORN (2016)

We’ve always worked with rules when making shows, and we’ve always enjoyed the creativity that those restrictions give us – as well as enjoying the moment when you realise that the rules need to be broken. Popcorn is a performance for both camera and live audience reflecting on rules, time, making stuff, shared language, shared history and friendship. Performed and filmed on location at The Holt cafe and art-space, Sheffield.

9min. Digital video. 2016. Commissioned for The Small Celebrations.

The Small Celebrations: RashDash

Filmed & Edited by Alice Russell
Written & Performed by RashDash & Becky Wilkie

RashDash is performers and makers Helen Goalen and Abbi Greenland. We explore feminist, radical, felt ideas through movement, music and text. Past productions include: Two Man Show (Fringe First 2016, Stage Award for Acting Excellence, Three Weeks Editors award, Shortlisted for a Total Theatre award and Offie for Best Female Performances), We Want You To WatchOh, I Can’t Be Bothered, The Ugly Sisters (nominated for a Total Theatre Award 2012), Scary Gorgeous (Fringe First 2011), Another Someone (Fringe First 2010). RashDash have made two outdoor shows SET FIRE TO EVERYTHING!!! and The Frenzy.



In the woods you can listen to the sound of your own breath
In the woods you can climb and hang from trees
In the woods you don’t have to explain who you are

Three women perform in a show. A show that plays every night for weeks and weeks, over and over and over again. One night they escape and retreat into the trees, the mud, the leaves…

4m31sec. Digital video. 2016. Commissioned for The Small Celebrations.

The Small Celebrations: Massive Owl

Massive Owl are a collaborative performance company, based in Bristol, who make cinematic work that sits between theatre and live art. They tell stories and in the process challenge how a story can look, sound and feel. They are associate artists of Live Collision and members of artist collective Interval. They are Jenny Duffy, Sam Powell and Danny Prosser.



*Wear headphones for best experience*

We wanted to make a music video of a book. This film is an attempt to do that.

The Dolphin Hotel is Massive Owl’s first experiment in film. Inspired by the Haruki Murakami novel Dance Dance Dance, this film forms part of a larger performance project that will become the second instalment of Massive Owl’s Distortion Trilogy. The trilogy is a series of performances that seek to challenge and play with the form of theatrical adaptation.

Commissioned for The Small Celebrations.

The Small Celebrations: Hannah Butterfield

Created by Hannah Butterfield
Filmed & Edited by Ed Sunman
Performed by Marnie Strachan & Hannah Butterfield
Choreography by Marnie Strachan
Music by Shane Durrant

Hannah Butterfield is a Theatre Maker and Performer based in Bradford. Her solo work is playful and discursive, and uses a combination of dance, live music and a strange range of storytelling strategies to explore human connection and communication. Hannah is also one third of Stand and Be Counted Theatre Company. SBC Theatre have recently been awarded the first Theatre Company of Sanctuary award for their work with, for and about refugees and asylum seekers living in the UK. Hannah is director of a children’s choir in Bradford, and teaches part-time at Leeds Beckett University in Performance and Dance.


OENOMEL (2016)

Oenomel (ˈēnəˌmel): Both Sweetness and Strength

Marnie is 7 years old. She has her whole life ahead of her. She will make decisions. She will teach people things. She will never be younger than she is today.

Hannah is 27 years old. She has her whole life ahead of her. She will make decisions. She will teach people things. She will never be younger than she is today. “Let’s write a song for us… and sing it ‘til we’re old and grey.”

This specially commissioned short film explores notions of youth, childhood and femininity. In a world that is changing faster than we have time to even think about, we pause

-  if only for a moment  -
to think about the future,
to tread the line between:
   girl /woman

9m30sec. Digital video. 2016. Commissioned for The Small Celebrations.

The Small Celebrations: Action Hero

Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse live in Bristol, UK, and create interdisciplinary performance together under the name Action Hero. For the past decade, they have worked almost exclusively with each other, and have toured together to more than twenty countries across 5 continents to critical and popular acclaim.

Their ongoing interests lie in the iconography of popular culture and its use; both as a weapon and as a shared cultural memory, and although their work manifests many different forms, the live experience is at the heart of everything they do.

Gemma & James have been shortlisted for several awards and won an Austin (Texas) Critic’s Table Award in 2013, and in 2016 were shortlisted for the Anti International Prize for Live Art for their contribution to the field.



To celebrate Third Angel’s 21st anniversary, Action Hero have renamed part of their house after the company who have given them so much support over the past decade. Action Hero’s office is now known as The Third Angel Annexe and in October 2016 there was an opening ceremony to mark the occasion.
1m45sec. Digital video. 2016. Commissioned for The Small Celebrations.


A short film about emotional regulation, inspired by the book Should I Strap a Battery to My Head (And Other Questions About Emotion), edited by Peter Totterdell and Karen Niven.

Devised & Directed by Oliver Bray, Christopher Hall & Rachael Walton
Camera: Dominic Green
Sound: Luke Pietnik
Production Assistant: Matt Sturdy
Collaborating Producer (University of Sheffield): Professor Peter Totterdell
General Manager (Third Angel): Hilary Foster

Funded by ESRC Grant EROS (RES-060-25-0044)

Full programme notes can be found here.

HAPPY? (2012)


Performed by Alexander Kelly
Camera & Edit: Christopher Hall
Sound: Cristabel Horne
Special Thanks to: Dr Simon Goodwin, Jerry Killick, Gillian Lees, Chris Thorpe and Rachael Walton

Full programme notes on the Technology project page.



Devised by Christopher HallAlexander KellyGillian Lees and Rachael Walton
Performed by Gillian Lees
Music by David Mitchell
Camera and Edit by Christopher Hall
Production Assistants: Cristabel Horne and Dan Wray

With thanks to Sheffield Independent Film. Supported by Sheffield Hallam University and Leeds Beckett University.

Commissioned by Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum for The Sheffield Pavilion 2009.

Full programme notes on the A Perfect Circle project page.



Short documentation of a sited performance intervention in response to the exhibition Tate Sculpture: The Human Figure In British Art, at the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield.

Devised by the company
Directed by Rachael Walton
Soundtrack by David Mitchell
Video Christopher Hall
Stills Photography Rob Hardy Hilary Foster

Full credits on the Standing Alone, Standing Together page.

Commissioned by Millennium Galleries, Sheffield.



A film by Christopher Hall & Alexander Kelly
Photography by Robert Hardy & Hilary Foster
Sound by David Mitchell & Jacqui Bellamy
Funded by Arts Council England, Yorkshire and supported by Site Gallery, Sheffield.

Full programme notes can be found here.



Short documentation of touring show Believe The Worst

Devised by the company
Text by Rachael Walton & the company
Performed by Stewart Lodge, Henry Sargeant & Rachael Walton
Designed and Directed by Alexander Kelly & Rachael Walton
Lighting Design by James Harrison
Soundtrack by Lee Sykes at Vortex Music
Management by Hilary Foster
Documentation edited by Christopher Hall
Camera by Chris Greenwood & Alexander Kelly

Touring theatre piece, funded by The Arts Council of England, Yorkshire Arts, Sheffield City Council and the Performing Right Society Foundation. Supported by Site Gallery and The Hawth.

BELIEVE THE WORST [short documentation] (2002)


Performed by Jerry Killick (with Rachael Walton in there briefly)
Text by Alexander Kelly, Jeremy Killick & Rachael Walton
Directed by Christopher Hall, Alexander Kelly & Rachael Walton
Edited by Christopher Hall
Soundtrack by Christopher Hall, David Mitchell & Lee Sykes

Full programme notes on the blog.

PILLS 03:20:00 (2001)


Documentation extract from touring show, Hang Up (1999/2000)

Camera: Rob Hardy
Edit: Christopher Hall
Director: Rachael Walton

Devised and Performed by Juliet Ellis, Robert Hardy, John Rowley and Rachael Walton
Designed and Directed by Alexander Kelly and Rachael Walton
Soundtrack by Alex Bradley
Lighting Design by James Harrison
Video Mixing by Alexander Kelly
Set Construction by Vision Works
Administration by Phillippa Yates

Commissioned by Arnolfini Live and funded by The Arts Council of England, Yorkshire Arts and Sheffield City Council. Hang Up toured the UK in autumn 1999 and spring 2000

Full programme notes for the film on the blog.



Short documentation of theatre performance, 1999.

Devised and Performed by
Juliet EllisRobert HardyJohn Rowley & Rachael Walton

Designed and Directed by
Alexander Kelly & Rachael Walton

Soundtrack by Alex Bradley
Lighting Design by James Harrison
Video Mixing by Alexander Kelly
Set Construction by Vision Works
Administration by Phillippa Yates 
Publicity Photography and Documentation Cinematography by Rob Hardy
Documentation Edited by Christopher Hall

Commissioned by Arnolfini Live and funded by The Arts Council of England, Yorkshire Arts and Sheffield City Council

HANG UP [Short] (2000)


5 minute video documentation of a 30 hour performance at Arnolfini in Bristol, 1998.

Devised, Designed and Performed by Heather BurtonJamie IddonAlexander Kelly and Rachael Walton
Photography by Kate BoddingtonRobert Hardy and Helen Sharma  
Directed by Alexander Kelly and Rachael Walton
Video by Chris Hall, Alexander Kelly and Rachael Walton

Commissioned by Arnolfini Live and the Mappin Art Gallery. 

Funded by Yorkshire & Humberside Arts and Sheffield City Council. Supported by Gremlin Interactive, DED Associates, the northern media school, SYM and SIF.

Full programme notes on the Senseless project page.

SENSELESS [documentation] (1998)


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