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Third Angel presents

Standing Alone, Standing Together

A sited performance intervention in response to the exhibition Tate Sculpture: The Human Figure In British Art, at the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield, May 2005.

Devised by the company
Directed by Rachael Walton
Music by David Mitchell
General Manager: Hilary Foster
Original concept by Alexander Kelly & Rachael Walton

Team Leaders:
Carol Brown
Lucy Ellinson
Hanna Houben
Louise Ritchie
James Stenhouse

Paul Allender, Justin Audibert, Joanne Bamford, Jacqui Banks, Linda Bevan, Jean Cherry, Alice Collins, Gram Cumming, Richard Davy, Phil Dunning, Charlotte Durkin, Kevin Dyson, Mark Esaias, Sarah-Jane Flanagan, Leon Folkes, Marilyn Francis, Nancy Fudger, Emma Gibson, Alexis Gotts, Suzy Gunn, Rowena Hancox, Ellie Harrison, Dawn Hoskin, Belle Hsu, Ricky Hyland, Emma Jones, Peter Kennedy, Angela Kuester, Sally Lemsford, Simon Masterson, Sophie Mei Lan Slack, Lesley Miller, Jo Mills, Liz Moloney, Susi Paez, Nastassia Page, Susanne Palzer, Panni Poh Yoke Loh, Jill Raymond, Matt Rodgers, Stephen Roulson, Caitlin Smith, Hanneke Uvieghara, Claudia Vazquez, Fizz Waller, Scott Webster, Rosie Wilson, Emma Worrall, Tomasz Ziecik.

David Mitchell

Christopher Hall

Stills Photography
Rob Hardy
Hilary Foster

Commissioned by Millennium Galleries, Sheffield, for the Tate Sculpture exhibition.

The power of a large number of people is extremely strong, even impacting on a space architecturally; but within the group every individual remains unique.

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