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Third Angel presents

With The Light On

With The Light On - full film, 19 mins, 1996.

Gail and Stella are sisters.
Gail is the eldest and a nurse for the elderly.
Stella is depressed and smokes a lot.
Gail says, ‘There’s always someone worse off than yourself.’
Stella says, ‘That’s what gets me down.’


A documentary-style drama, shot in Sheffield, and exhibited at festivals across the UK and mainland Europe. Nominated for Best Script and Best Drama at the British Short Film Festival, and represented internationally by Jane Balfour Films.


19 min. S16mm.

Performed by Claire Marshall & Cathy Naden
Directed & Produced by Alexander Kelly
Written by Gerry Harris
Cinematography by Robert Hardy
Sound Recording & Post Production by David Mitchell
Edited by Christopher Hall

Assistant Director & Production Manager Suzanne Lynch
Production Manager Emma Leslie
Production Assistant Stephen Ford
Art Directors Anna B. Holt & Susannah Gent
Continuity Jen Woods
Catering Rob Criticos
Additional Sound Recording Andy Boag
Boom Operator Kim Tunstall
Gaffer Jon Wilson
Camera Assistants Hilary Foster & Sarah Tapsfield
On Line Editor Harvey S. Johnstone
Music Boogie Perry Booth

A Third Angel/northern media school co-production.

Stills: Farhad Ahrarnia

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