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Third Angel presents

Words & Pictures

A book reading for a book that doesn’t exist (yet). A theatrical collection of short stories, obsessions, illustrations and digressions.

We’ve been sitting on benches, and wondering who chose the view. We’ve been trying to understand bureaucracy. We’ve been drawing songmaps. We’ve been writing texts to be read in the dark. We’ve been rolling dice and playing games. We’ve been playing detective, exploring local legends and investigating dead marine life. We’ve been getting distracted. We’ve been thinking that we should have collected all of this stuff up by now, gathered it together, boxed it up and dealt with it. But it’s still all here, spilling out into our lives.

A project that started out as a theatrical collection of short stories assembled for a literature festival and evolved into a performed reading of an unfinished (in fact, largely unwritten) autobiography.


Devised, written and performed by 
Alexander Kelly and Rachael Walton.

Words & Pictures is commissioned by Off The Shelf and Leeds Met Gallery & Studio Theatre. Songmap is commissioned by Unlimited Theatre for the Mixtape project.

Programme Notes

The process of making Words & Pictures is discussed on the blog. Click on the links to read:

Words & Pictures Introduction  
Words & Pictures Second Printing 
Notes on Songmap

You can read some of the stories here:

Empty Benches
Off The White


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