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Third Angel presents

Hang Up

Four classic telephone boxes house a multitude of characters, stories, arguments and lies as four performers struggle to make contact, to talk to someone, leave a message or just find the right change. Hang Up presents a world in which all communication is long distance or cheap rate.

Created 1999
Toured through to 2000

Devised and Performed by
Juliet Ellis, Robert Hardy, John Rowley & Rachael Walton

Designed and Directed by
Alexander Kelly & Rachael Walton

Soundtrack by
Alex Bradley

Lighting Design by
James Harrison

Video Mixing by
Alexander Kelly

Set Construction by
Vision Works

Administration by
Phillippa Yates 

Publicity Photography and Documentation Cinematography by
Rob Hardy

Documentation Edited by
Chris Hall

Commissioned by Arnolfini Live and funded by The Arts Council of England, Yorkshire Arts and Sheffield City Council. 

A theatre piece set entirely in 4 classic K6 public phone boxes. Each phone box equipped with two miniature security cameras linked to an overhead video projector and screen. Mics in the phones themselves.

The video above is the whole show condensed to 4 minutes. Below is a section of the show we called ‘Irritations’.
From the old blog:

“This section, the Irritations Section, uses a text originally written for our 1998 show Saved. But as the text for that show took the form of a semi-improvised daily diary, to fit its varying length of 2 - 5 hours, a set-piece text like this didn’t fit any more. We set it aside, thinking we’d like to do something with it. Often when that happens, we never find a way to do something with it.

In the show Hang Up, the four performers swap between characters from one section to the next. Some characters recur, like the lovers who can only use language from the ‘Socialising’ pages of a English/Spanish phrasebook, and others only appear once - Pizza Guy, for example. In the first two performances Rachael had a teenage prank call character, making annoying calls and calling people names. After two shows, we knew it wasn’t working. It undermined the possibility that Pizza Guy was making a prank call (though I never thought he was), and it also seemed to weaken a much more sinister nuisance caller who appeared later. But mainly, it wasn’t very funny.

By the end of that second performance Rachael already knew that she wanted to try the Irritations text instead. We put it into the next performance, and immediately it felt better, partly because it wasn’t specifically about phone calls.”

A full length DVD of Hang Up is available in the Shop.


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