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Drei Wolken & Third Angel present

The Secret Hippie Piece

Original concept by Drei Wolken

Devised and Performed by Martin Doll, Jörn Tobias Etzold, Bettina Grahs, Noah Holtwiesche, Alexander Kelly, Rachael Walton, Katrin Weber & Sascha Willenbacher

Music and Sound by Lars Wittershagen and Thorsten zum Felde
Commissioned by Transeuropa, Zeitenwende and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm.

Photos by Andy Eccleston

Shouting at the city through a megaphone until the city shouts back. 
Think of all the other things you could be doing instead of being here with us. 
Think of all of the other things you could have bought with the money. 
All the other places you could be.

A sited performance for the top floor of multi-storey car parks in collaboration with Drei Wolken.

Performed in Hildesheim, Geßien and Frankfurt.

There's lots more information about making and touring Third Angel projects 2008-2017 on our original blog, and 2017-2023 on the blog on this site.