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Third Angel presents

What Happens If…

A unique evening combining theatre, film and live art.
Mickey and SylviaWith The Light On and Class of ‘76 (version 1)

What Happens If… publicity image by Rob Hardy

Mickey and Sylvia
Devised and Performed by Robert Hardy & Rachael Walton
Keyboards played by Stephen Ford
Designed & Directed by Alexander Kelly & Rachael Walton
Lighting Design by James Harrison
With The Light On
19 mins, S16mm film.
Performed by Claire Marshall & Cathy Naden
Written by Gerry Harris
Directed by Alexander Kelly

Class of ‘76 v1
Devised and performed by Alexander Kelly & Rachael Walton
Lighting by James Harrison
A 15-minute version, originally commissioned for and performed at Successophobia, a live art cabaret hosted by Talking Birds at Warwick Arts Centre.
What Happens If…
Commissioned by Leeds Met Studio Theatre. Funded by Yorkshire and Humberside Arts.

An evening of duets…

Mickey and Sylvia
Mickey waits for Sylvia in the bar. Live keyboards accompany their convoluted conversation, live song and kitsch dance numbers.

With The Light On
A fake documentary about the sisters Gail (a nurse) and Stella (smokes a lot).

Class of ‘76 (version 1)
A real class photo from 1976 is used as the basis for lies, fibs, imagined futures and tall tales about our classmates and what might have become of them. Rachael tells the lies, Alex catches the projected faces of his classmates using the projection technique discovered for Experiment Zero.

There's lots more information about making and touring Third Angel projects 2008-2017 on our original blog, and 2017-2023 on the blog on this site.